Cable Drum Trucks
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Cable Drum Truck Series KT

  • loading of drums which are not in line with the trailer by using two separately operated loading winches with 8 m long steel ropes
  • dual-line pneumatic brake and parking brake
  • load dependent pneumatic suspension
  • motor-driven drum drive MT (option)
  • stable cross-beam allows total trailer weight of 16000 kg (option)

Cable Drum Trucks

  • Cable Drum Truck KT 60
    Payload 6000 kg [more]
TypePayloadAdmiss. Total WeightClear Loading WidthDrum Diam.Drum Axle Diam.L x W x HMax. Admiss. SpeedOrder No. 
KT 606000 kg15600 kg1720 mm1800 - 3200 mm90 mm6900 x 2550 x 3600 mm80 km/h76300 Request