Accessories for Cabling Winches

Accessories für Cabling Winches

LANCIER CABLE offers a comprehensive variety of accessories and fittings for its cabling winches:

  • Shackles
    with slotted bolt [more]
  • Dynamometer D
    without printer [more]
  • Electronic Dynamometer C3
    with USB interface [more]
  • Remote Control
    for Dynamometer C3 [more]
  • Steel Ropes
    without rope leader [more]
  • Steel Ropes
    with rope leader [more]
  • Rope Leaders
    with compensating swivel [more]
  • Cable Lubricant Gliss WMM
    for the pull of cables and multiple ducts [more]
  • Turning-Pulley
    for doubling the pulling force [more]
  • Mobile Frame
    for Cabling winch WL 1010 [more]
  • Synthetical Rope
    for Cabling winch WL 1010 [more]
  • Plastic rope with 2 loops spliced
    for Cabling winch WL 1010 [more]