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Attachment for the Upgrade

to record the Blowing-in process

  • with recorder for the blowing-in process
    - Blowing-in Length, Blowing-in Speed
    - Engine Pressure
    - Thrust
    - Pressure in the Duct
    - Environmental Data (GPS; temperature)
  • for all pneumatic and hydraulic blowing-in Systems
Attachment for Blowing-in SystemsPower SupplyUpgrade KitWeightOrder No. 
MicroCatbattery modeexternca. 1 kg77907 Request
MiniCatbattery modeexternca. 1 kg77908 Request
MaxiCatbattery modeexternca. 1 kg77909 Request
MaxiCatbattery modeintern+ca. 2 kg77831 Request
Fiberwheelbattery modeexternca. 1 kg77910 Request
FiberCatbattery modeexternca. 1 kg77911 Request
HydroCatbattery modeexternca. 1 kg77912 Request


  • External blowing-in recording
    for all Blowing-in Systems [more]