Cabling Winches with Single Capstan Head

Cabling Winches with Single Capstan Head

LANCIER CABLE cabling winches can be operat­ed very easily and are adjusted optimally to their application.

All cabling winches of the series WL are equipped with single capstan head and free-­switchable storage drum. They are mounted on a stable base frame allowing universal installation on vehicle flatbeds or single-axle chassis.

  • The pulling force is generated by the capstan head
  • The storage drum generates only a pre-tension on the rope and coils it gently
  • Terefore an exact rope coiling is not necessary
  • The tension and speed remains constant during the pulling works
  • True and jerk-free pull
System diagramme of cabling winches with single capstan head

Cabling winch WL 6010

Pulling force up to 60 kN

  • hydraulically drive
  • free-wheeling storage drum with hand brake
  • continuously adjustable pulling speed
  • automatic coiling
  • with petrol engine (option diesel engine)
  • dynamometer with colour touch-screen and USB interface (option)
  • radio remote control (option)
TypeDrivePulling ForcePulling speedRope Diam.Rope lengthL x W x HWeightOrder No. 
WL 6010Hydraulic60 kN0 - 10 m/min.16 mm557 m5000 x 1900 x 1660 mm2400 kg48028 Request


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